Virtual Events

Join us for our monthly #QuarantineandAnswer on IG Live

Our Mentors are featured in one-on-one monthly interviews on Instagram Live (@Tour4Diversity), sharing their stories and describing their daily experiences for students to learn from.

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STATNews - Special Report, February 7, 2018: Hear our Testimonials

Mentor Stories

Whether First Generation in College, having difficulty with your science classes, or searching for your passion, T4D wants to connect with you. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and learn from our stories.


T4D is committed to finding solutions that address dwindling numbers of Black Men in the field of Medicine as well as other health professions. Our Mentors seek to connect with young men with every program and are actively involved with the recent social media campaign that brings attention to this critical issue. Visit our blog Voices of Diversity for personal stories and insights from a number of #BlackMeninMedicine.


Summer Health Professions Education Program partnered with T4D for its Fall 2020 Tour4Diversity in Health Professions


Diversity in Osteopathic Medicine

On September 12, 2020, T4D partnered with AACOM for a day full of valuable workshops focused on why future physicians should #ChooseDO. Workshops with physicians and current medical students will cover topics ranging from critical test taking skills, the importance of mentorship, interview skills, and more!


Pediatric Mentoring Circles

With the support of the American Academy of Pediatrics, T4D is proud to debut its Pediatrics Mentoring Circles, a program focused on strengthening the pipeline to careers in pediatric medicine. T4D Pediatrician Mentors will provide advising and tiered mentorship in order to empower students along a pathway of exploration and focus on children, families, and their well-being. Monthly virtual workshops will provide introductory knowledge and skills and unique mentoring sessions will expose students to real experiences.



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