Tips for the Application Process: Listing Only 15 Activities

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When I first looked at my AMCAS application and realized that I only had 15 spaces to talk about every single activity I was involved in during my undergraduate career, I knew I had run into a small problem.  I was the type of pre-medical student who was very involved, knowing that for my personal growth and to show admissions committees I had to be a well-rounded applicant.  Since I knew I was over the limit and I did not want to leave any of my activities out, I decided that I had to combine some of them. Here is one example of how to approach the activities section.

Combining my various honors society memberships seemed like an ideal place to begin since I did not hold an executive positive in these organizations.  I did this by titling the activity as “Honors Societies” and in the information section I listed each one I was a member of along with the dates of my involvement.  I also combined some of my volunteer experiences if I only participated in them for a short period of time.  I used the same process discussed previously to combine my volunteer activity, titling it “Volunteer Experiences”.  Once I combined these two sections I was able to meet the 15-activity space maximum given by AMCAS.  When listing contact information for your combined activities make sure to list the most recent contact in the contact field and list the rest of the contacts in the information section.

One important thing to look out for when combining activities – make sure you don’t combine your leadership roles into one category.  Medical schools want to know what you did as a leader and how you brought change to your organization. You cannot do this simply by listing your position.

This is just one way to combine information to fit it into an application. You could also “cherry-pick” amongst your activities and list what is most important to you. Just know and keep in your mind what picture you want the admissions committee to paint about you as you list your activities.

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