#T4DTourX: What does a Doctor Look Like?

 In Voices of Diversity
Today was the second stop of the fifth year anniversary tour. The students were amazing; they were engaged and eager. I think what stuck out to me most because it’s happened on both stops so far is that the students were very interested in how a doctor is supposed to look while working. I received a lot of questions about natural hair, visible piercings, and tattoos.
As an African American woman with all of the above, the most important point that I can stress is that you should be professional all time while maintaining your individualism. As long as you look professional and neat you will be just fine. I am fortunate enough to work at an institution that embraces diversity and allows me to have visible tattoos and piercings, however I would be lying if I didn’t say I was frequently questioned about my appearance. Once you get to a prestigious position, you can express yourself however you like.
In the words of my mentor, you can make the rules once you’re the boss!

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