T4D is Growing Up… and Ready for more…

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It’s February. This is typically the time where the mentors of the Tour for Diversity in Medicine (T4D) are flooding your timelines and feeds with posts about the Tour, sharing stories and pictures of the students we meet, the campuses we visited, and the lives we’ve touched. It is something that many have come to expect. As you may have noticed, there is not a T4D tour this February. Over the past few weeks we have received emails of support and concern about the work of the T4D. In the concern, many have wondered if we were no longer going on tour.

Unfortunately, we are not having at T4D tour in February 2018. We have been on the road every February for the past 5 years, crisscrossing the country visiting beautiful college campuses and sharing our message of hope and inspiration. It has been fun and we will restart our efforts very soon.

That said, the T4D mentors are not sitting idly. We continue to host regular webinars, provide insights through our Blog, and work on new efforts. We are proud to co-host the Pathways to Physician Diversity: A National Summit with our colleagues at the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University. Kameron Matthews, Minerva Romero-Arenas, Brandi Freeman, Robert Trevino, Brandon Henry and Alden Landry are facilitating a national discussion on the lessons we’ve learned over the years and sharing our story in a different venue to support diversity.

When we first started the Tour, everyone asked us, “How do you bring this to scale?” We toiled with options about doing other versions of the Tour for nursing, business, law, etc. We’ve talked about other spaces that we could engage including scholarship and financial support, and direct education programming. As we consider these options, we seek to fill as many cracks in the pipeline so that underrepresented in medicine students (URiM) had the support needed to achieve their goals.

This partnership with Mayo Clinic allows us to bring our work to scale. Working in the non-profit arena we have seen many other groups with similar passions that have come and gone. We have seen some efforts have great success while other ideas flounder. We have partnered with phenomenal organizations that are doing great work. We are eager to continue to do so. This conference allows us to bring together organizations and individuals of like-minded interest – in focusing on the pipeline and increase diversity through each stage of medical education and practice.

Our strength – our connection and exposure to a wide range of students – will never falter. We know how to share information and a stories in a conference format. We know how to reach this target audience of future health care professionals who are eager for this connection. We continue to hear from our students with “Win” after “Win” as they are accepted into their summer programs, master’s programs, or matriculate into medical school. After 10 Tours, we got this… We do this well.

Where will the Bus go next? We are actively planning the next Tour and are eager to hear your input on next locations and new directions. Thanks for promoting our efforts, and we promise to continue to share our stories.

Alden and Kam




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