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Our Team

The success of our Tours and the impact that we make is directly credited to the amazing group of Mentors that join us as we travel the country. From medical, dental, and pharmacy students to young practicing physicians and dentists, we purposefully recruit in order to highlight stages of growth and full spectrum of experiences throughout the undergraduate/pre-med years and early career. Our Mentors include physicians (allopathic, osteopathic, and podiatric) and dentists as well as medical, dental, and pharmacy students, from different educational backgrounds, with different specialty interests, and with a variety of dual degrees.   A pre-health/medical advisor is also invited to expand our capability for outreach and education.

Our Mentors reach the students through their presentations as well as through very personal interactions, and we encourage the development of individual mentoring relationships during and after the Tours. Our Mentors do not lecture to the students, but instead provide guidance so that the students are able to make the best decisions for themselves.


Approximately 10-15 underrepresented minority physicians, dentists, pharmacists and medical students serve as workshop facilitators for each day of the Tour and work in conjunction with the host institution to set up each Educational Stop.



T4D Mentors volunteer their time to join us on our campus visits for select weeks. Their passion and time commitment are critical to the success of T4D. Additional opportunities will soon exist for other professionals who are seeking to be involved, but are not able to participate in an entire Tour. Individuals can also join us at individual Tour Stops; the presence of local physicians, dentists and medical/dental students assists our efforts by emphasizing our local and more regular connections.

Criteria For Selection

Criteria for selection as a Mentor to join us on a Tour includes:

  • strong presentation skills
  • experience with and passion for mentoring and teaching
  • early stage of career (health professions student through young practicing provider)
  • personal stories that provide motivating teaching points for our student audience (i.e. significant distance traveled, challenges overcome)

Our Mentors

  • Andrea Prince PharmD
    Andrea Prince PharmD
  • Brandi Freeman MD, MS
    Brandi Freeman MD, MS
  • Brandon Henry MD
    Brandon Henry MD
  • Charnell Cain DO
    Charnell Cain DO
  • Ciera Sears MD
    Ciera Sears MD
  • Corey Shy MD
    Corey Shy MD
  • Deirdre Young DDS, MS
    Deirdre Young DDS, MS
  • Demetra Gibson MD, MPH
    Demetra Gibson MD, MPH
  • Ebonie Vincent MBMS, DPM
    Ebonie Vincent MBMS, DPM
  • Erika Flores Uribe MD, MPH
    Erika Flores Uribe MD, MPH
  • Estell Williams MD
    Estell Williams MD
  • Francisco Castelan BS, BA, MS
    Francisco Castelan BS, BA, MS
  • Gezzer Ortega MD, MPH
    Gezzer Ortega MD, MPH
  • Italo Brown MD, MPH
    Italo Brown MD, MPH
  • Janae Currington M.Ed
    Janae Currington M.Ed
  • John-Paul Sanchez MD, MPH
    John-Paul Sanchez MD, MPH
  • Jose Cruz DO, MPH
    Jose Cruz DO, MPH
  • Joseph Stringfellow MD
    Joseph Stringfellow MD
  • Kittra Owens DPM, MS
    Kittra Owens DPM, MS
  • Lekeisha Terrell MD, MS
    Lekeisha Terrell MD, MS
  • Love Anani MD, FACEP
    Love Anani MD, FACEP
  • Luis Rivera MD
    Luis Rivera MD
  • Minerva Romero Arenas MD, MPH
    Minerva Romero Arenas MD, MPH
  • Nathan Lott DO
    Nathan Lott DO
  • Nii-Daako Darko DO, MBA
    Nii-Daako Darko DO, MBA
  • Paola Portela MD
    Paola Portela MD
  • Renee Volny DO, MBA
    Renee Volny DO, MBA
  • Robert Trevino MD, PhD
    Robert Trevino MD, PhD
  • Shawnita Briggs MD
    Shawnita Briggs MD
  • Shayla Wilson DDS
    Shayla Wilson DDS
  • Tiphany Jackson MD
    Tiphany Jackson MD
  • Travelle Franklin-Ford Ellis MD, PhD
    Travelle Franklin-Ford Ellis MD, PhD
  • Tyree M.S. Winters DO
    Tyree M.S. Winters DO



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