Mentors on the Move: Dr. Ebonie Vincent

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Mentors on the Move Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ebonie Vincent

[T4d]: Can you remind our readers what type of residency you just completed?


[Dr. Vincent]: I have just completed my three-year surgical residency program at Inspira Health Network in South New Jersey.  I am now a fully licensed Foot and ankle Surgeon!!!!


Wow Congratulations! What are you going to do with this new license of yours?


I am now beginning my new chapter as an attending physician working at Orange County Podiatry in private practice.


Anything in particular you would like to accomplish in Orange County?


 I am hoping to be a vital part of the orange county community and help as many people in need as possible with their lower extremity aliments. I am also looking forward to working in my home state and spending more time with my family!


Podiatry is a growing specialty and we are seeing more students on the Tour asking about it. Do you have any advice for these students?


 My advice is to be steadfast in your goals.  The road can be rough but as long as you maintain your vision of success and your future, you will prevail.  Podiatry is a great field and so important to the medical field so I encourage those interested in medicine to consider this specialty.


At the end of the day what type of doctor would you like to be? Do you strive for any legacy?


 I want to be known as the kind of doctor who treats her patients holistically and effectively.  I want to inspire others to have the heart for service and live healthy lives that are full of purpose.


In 2018 everyone has a phone in their pocket and social media keeps us connected. We have noticed you were VERY active on social media as a resident.  Do you plan on continuing that trend?


Yes!  I Love sharing what I know and I also love learning from others. I have found that being transparent throughout my journey has inspired others! Having a social media presence also allows me to reach and teach people who I may have never encountered in real life.  If I can help or inspire more people through these avenues, I will continue to do so!

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