Special Events and Partnerships



Proud to partner with Texas Health Education Service, TMDSAS and the JAMP program – webinars available on YouTube and podcasts available here (episode 78 and episode 79).


Health Professions Week

In partnership with Explore Health Careers, T4D has enjoyed participating in the Virtual Fair hosted during Health Professions Week, which is a nationwide collaboration between today’s healthcare and education organizations designed to provide reliable, accessible resources to explore careers in the health professions.

Our Co-Founder Dr. Kameron Matthews served as the 2017 Keynote Speaker and provided a 2019 HPW Health Talk. In 2020, watch our HealthTalk video on “Perseverance” where we reflect on our paths into the health professions.


Pathways to Physician Diversity

T4D is proud to have partnered with the Mayo Clinic to present the Pathways to Physician Diversity: A National Summit, hosted in Phoenix, Arizona in 2018 and in Jacksonville, Florida in 2020.

2020 Summit Agenda can be found here.


National Premed Day

On May 28, 2020, our Mentors participated in the 12-hour event that helped students across the globe.



In partnership with Premed Strategies Inc., our Mentors provided speed-dating mock interview assistance to an amazing set of future professionals.



In partnership with Premed Strategies Inc., our Mentors and other Volunteers helped students through their Personal Statements and tell their stories to the fullest!





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