Day 1: Mentor Perspective – Keeping the Faith

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During the T4D tour stop at the Aetna Foundation, we had the pleasure to meet with several energetic and engaging students from all over New England.  There were several earnest and thoughtful questions that were asked, but one particular question stood out for me: “how did you maintain your personal faith/value system during your medical education and training?”

My faith is very important to me, and I would not be the physician that I am today without it.  It was during my education and training that I realized that my faith was strengthened by the challenges and hardships that I faced during this journey.  As a physician, I have been able to use my faith to encourage and treat patients with compassion and empathy.  Knowing that a patient’s faith/value system is just as important to their medical management as knowing their past medical history or current medications,  I encourage my patients to rely on their faith in addition to my treatment plan.  There have been several research studies that have shown better outcomes for patients when their faith is incorporated and supported by their physician.  Although it is important to respect other’s values and faith systems that are different from your own, it is also important to continue to hold true to your beliefs as long as you treat everyone fairly and without bias.

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