#BMIM | The Silver Lining

 In Voices of Diversity

The field of medicine is truly an aggregate of many disciplines and filled with the many minds it takes to carry out the dictates of our Hippocratic oath.  How, though, does that specifically apply to men and, more appreciatively, black men in medicine? There have been great strides in medical innovation over the course of time yet, our struggle still remains.  How do we excel in this field professionally?

It’s not a secret that, even today, there are many African American male physicians who are looked down on by our own colleagues and treated adversely due to that inherent prejudice that pervades the field of medicine.  Not only do we have to learn how to excel professionally, we also are patients of this system that we work so hard within.  Statistics will show that, despite our education, outcomes for black male physicians are still lower than our white counterparts. So, what does that mean?  In my eyes, it shows that, though we have come far, the journey is not over.

We have to start by identifying why these outcomes are worse.  We have to identify why there is such a dearth in leadership among black men in medicine.  We have to figure out how to improve the presence of and retention of the black male in medicine as well as improve efforts to recruit young men into this field. There is hope though.  Hope that, in spite of the challenge, people see the need and are responding appropriately.


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