#BMIM: Capturing Truth by Errol Dunlap

 In Voices of Diversity

Being the tour’s photographer, I was tasked with the job of “making sure you show the young black men”, early in the tours.  Thinking that it was just a balance of genders being requested, I began to see just the pattern that the doctors were speaking of during their recaps:  Black men are needed in medicine!

Since joining the Tour for Diversity in Medicine, I can recall many moments where I have a had to remind myself that I was there to capture and document this multi-school, multi-city journey.   I would regularly find myself paying attention to the doctor’s stories, professional experiences, and even the suggested studying habits. Things that I would’ve clamored for––providing critical information from and to young people of color––that, even I have had to take notes or read more information about.  As a black man myself, I can remember wanting to have this type of mentorship or even a resource that would’ve allowed me to become the neurosurgeon that I once wanted to be. Hillman wasn’t enough.

Working with the Tour, I have become more of an advocate––not simply because I am a black man, but because the relatable faces and experiences that I have had the pleasure to be in the room to capture. I can see a version of my face in those chairs, learning anatomy, doing rounds, and even talking with patients.

Through all of this, I have learned that even on the periphery, WE can work to help each other, WE are in this together, and despite if we are in medicine or not, WE matter in medicine.


Errol Dunlap | Official Tour for Diversity Photographer

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