#BMIM | The Bittersweet Irony

The year is 2017 and I am the primary physician working in the Emergency Department at my primary site in Springfield, TN.  The next available patient on the tracking board is a female patient between the age of 20-30 with abdominal pain and stable vital signs.  This chief complaint is the bread and butter of […]

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#BMIM | The Silver Lining

The field of medicine is truly an aggregate of many disciplines and filled with the many minds it takes to carry out the dictates of our Hippocratic oath.  How, though, does that specifically apply to men and, more appreciatively, black men in medicine? There have been great strides in medical innovation over the course of […]

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Meet The Mentor

Janae Currington Degree: M.Ed Current Title: Assistant Director of Academic Advising Current Institution: Michigan State University Current City: East Lansing, MI Which Tours: T4D Midwest, T4D Southwest, T4D Northeast, T4D Northwest Favorite Stop: Georgetown was my favorite because that program was for high school students and there was a special session for their parents. Being […]

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