Tour for Diversity in Medicine

February 2012


[tab name=”Hampton U – 2/20″]

“The number one thing that I wanted to gain from this [session] was encouragement, and I found just that.”

“Flawless for the first stop of the tour.”

“I really enjoyed my experiences here. My sister is about to enter medical school and she has had a very hard time doing so. I really wish that she had a program like this to participate in because it makes things so much more clear. I believe that my experiences here will better prepare me for the difficult process to get into medical school. I also want to stress how great the staff has been. They are inspiring and great role models for me.”

“Overall, I would say today was very inspiring. Seeing so many physicians who look like me and are excited not only about medicine, but excited about me and my future in medicine is very uplifitng.”


[tab name=”Johnson C. Smith – 2/21″]

“The Army Health Care Opportunities [opened] my mind to the multiple benefits and opportunities.”

“Excellent presentation. Very Organized.”

[tab name=”South Carolina State – 2/22″]

“It was worth missing a day of class for!! For those who didn’t attend, they truly missed out…”

“Overall, this specific conference was extremely important. I’m so glad that I attended the Conference. This really helped me as an individual to figure out how to go about making plans within my career.”

“I believe that I can do anything after today.”

“All the mentors seemed so passionate about their career and it encouraged me to keep pushing for success.”

“It helped me understand what to do, what not to do, when to do it and how to do it.”


[tab name=”Tuskegee – 2/23″]

“I’m more ready and prepared for the medical journey.”

“I will be able to walk [into] med school saying ‘I can do this.’ “

“This has opened a door for me. There are many people who are here to help me succeed in my goals so that i can give back.”

“I feel like all the mentors added something special to the session. It was a great experience to talk to someone who knows what you are going through.”

[tab name=”Jackson State – 2/24″]

“It’s one thing to believe in your dreams, but to see people that look like you that believe in you and have achieved your dreams is priceless. Thanks for believing in us!!!”

“This session has provided great motivation as well as information that will help me to get into medical school.”

“There were so many things I took away from this session. I feel so much more prepared and confident going into my career as a physician.”

“Initially I wasn’t coming to any of the sessions because I didn’t think that it would be extremely beneficial and I didn’t want to stay on campus that long. But after dropping in for a while, the hours attended provided me with info that I needed – really needed! I’m grateful for having this opportunity and interacting with the mentors and other students. I’ve truly been inspired, educated, and cultivated! Thanks for thinking of JSU and stopping by!”



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