February 2017 5th Anniversary Tour

In our 5th Anniversary Year, T4D completed its 10th Tour, returning to its original five states to celebrate, inspire, and reconnect! With largest attendance to date, T4D was excited to have spent time with such focused and impassioned students as well as dedicated advisors.  Thank you to all who joined us!


Why Diversity Matters

  • Now being on the "other side," the most valuable thing I got from the T4D is a tangible evidence that my goals are extremely doable and to be more confident in reaching out to and learning from the people who have come before me...When I did T4D it seemed so far away, but here I am 5 years later about to graduate- not because I had good grades and some extracurriculars and definitely not because of my test taking skills, but because I had the opportunity to share my story with people who became my advocates and a part of my support system...Just continue to work hard, position yourself to be helped, be patient and trust the process. The blood, sweat and tears are well worth it and you will be amazing.

    Kayla Williams Howard University School of Medicine
  • The world of medicine is not cookie cutter and you have a lot of room to be an individual and successful in medicine.

    Attendee Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Today I am planning my next step. Without the tour I would not know what was next.

  • This workshop/event was very helpful and served as a motivational tool for me to continue to reach my dreams of becoming a pediatrician.

    Student Tougaloo College
  • This was what I needed and this came at the right time. [T4D] answered all the questions I needed to know and I know where to look/go to seek help along the way.

    Student Alabama A&M University
  • This program was very helpful for me. I literally was talking to the Dean of Engineering and Sciences last week about how I am supposed to figure out what I want to be. I explained I wanted to go to med school but I was still confused. This program helped to answer some of my questions. [T4D] even opened my mindset to think about dentistry!

    Student Alabama A&M University
  • I really believe that this tour has opened my eyes to not only new careers but what I have to do to get into medical school.

    Student South Carolina State University
  • [T4D Mentors] are all very inspirational and their stories impacted me greatly.

    Student Winston-Salem State University

On the Road

Past Tours

Since February 2012, T4D has proudly worked with academic partners and hosted students across the nation. Typically held in February and September, our Tours provide comprehensive workshops to our high school and college students that focus on motivating towards a strong career path, building critical skills, optimizing the application process, and developing mentoring relationships.

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