Tour for Diversity in Medicine


The fundamental approach of the Tour for Diversity in Medicine is to meet students on their home campuses in order to motivate, inspire, and educate.  Each Educational Stop, chosen based on multiple factors, consists of a day-long conference with a variety of workshops.  The sessions are a mix of large audience presentations, small group discussions, and interactive workshops.  This wide range of exposure has been chosen in order to prepare the students for the long range planning and process towards medical school, as well as provide the students with the opportunity to converse with current physicians and medical students for advice and guidance.  T4D Mentors not only serve as workshop leaders, but also network with the students for further conversation and advising.  Local physicians, dentists, and medical students are invited to widen the pool of mentorship.  Medical schools and other educational collaborators are invited to take part in the workshops and to have information available for the students.

In addition to the planned sessions, T4D staff meets with campus leaders, premedical/prehealth advisors, and administrators in order to discuss advising assistance and other ways that T4D might assist in the university’s premedical enrichment efforts.


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