The Wrap-up: Webinar

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To continue the discussion from our WEBINAR on relationships:

Finding a special bond with a significant other is one of the treasures life offers us. But like anything worth having, a relationship takes time, energy, and dedication. I know what you’re thinking – “He just named EVERY bit of currency I use to study for exams, and to pursue being a health care provider”. In some aspects, a relationship – while TOTALLY worth it, may seem tough to keep up especially in the midst of what feels like an endless season of grind (the studying, the applying, the waiting, the emailing – the grind).

Consciously, we identify it as “trying to stay in a zone” or “being focused”. Yet without intention, we often alienate our loved ones and significant others at critical moments, losing sight of one of the more fundamental components to balance – nurturing and preserving strong relationships. At T4D, we all understand the demands of pursuing your dreams.

However, maintaining healthy relationships is essential to your personal well-being, and poises you to make strong suggestions to your future patients regarding lifestyle balance. So in T4D fashion, we’ve worked up a few ways to water those growing relationships:


Show and Tell: Believe it or not, your significant other is on pins and needles waiting for you to share the process with them. They want to know about that tough practice test or sudden writer’s block you encounter, so they can encourage you. They bubble with excitement when you share your victories – like securing a great recommendation letter or that first interview. Don’t deny them the opportunity to do EXACTLY what they’re hardwired to do – be your BIGGEST fan!

Quality Time: Another tread in the communication wheel is being clear with one another about study times, and quality time. By hashing this out on the front end, it demonstrates consideration for your partner (because let’s face it, happy spouse…happy house). Try to keep both times as pure, uninterrupted, and distraction-free as possible; this means…no looking up physics equations or reading articles during quality time!

Actions Speak Louder: The only thing better than saying “thank you” is showing it. Acts of appreciation and romantic gesture can go a long way – especially in the midst of a rough grind season. Your significant other – who is also your #1 supporter – deserves to be acknowledged for his/her effort, just as you would if the tables were turned. So remember to plan that candlelight dinner, tuck that cute note and gift in their book bag, and do what’s necessary to cherish that special person.

I’m sure at this point you’ve got some ideas of your own; go ahead – strengthen that bond and show your loved ones you care…with book in-hand!

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