#T4DTourX: A Different Perspective

 In Voices of Diversity

It is always difficult to put things in perspective when it comes to time.  10 years can seem like 1 week and 5 years can seem like yesterday.  My recent return to Hampton University represents more of the latter.  Walking into Hampton Universities Student Center I was worried that students wouldn’t need us again, but the excitement was just as high as it was in February 2012. At lunch, I sat with both High School and College Students answering a myriad of questions with a smile on my face. In each breakout session, I was easily able to channel the same excitement I had 5 years ago with the singular thought of “One of these students could be my next colleague.”

With the words of Kayla Williams, Hampton Undergraduate now a 4th year at Howard University, reverberating in my head I know I can make it through the rest of the tour with the same energy I had 5 years.  Myself personally I’m no longer a medical student about to graduate, but a full-fledged attending with a new perspective on medicine.  I promise for the rest of the week my new perspective will be bestowed on every student I meet and when one of them becomes my colleague I will be rejuvenated again. 

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