#T4DFlorida: Student Testimonial

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I was delighted to receive the following email from a student that joined us at Bethune-Cookman University this week – I only wish to share as I think her story is one of inspiration.  To all our future physicians who perhaps have that “nontraditional” path in their education thus far, please know:  with a positive attitude and dedication, YOU CAN MAKE IT!!

Dear Dr. Matthews,

I am immensely grateful that you and your team joined us at Bethune-Cookman University (BCU), today. Your presentation was informative and inspiring. I was riveted by your clear and simple message that applying to and being accepted into medical school does not have to be a daunting proposition. You have rekindled a dream that had nearly shriveled in my heart and mind. 

Because of your compelling and timely words, I plan to do what is necessary to enroll in an MD-PhD  program. Your candid care for your work with patients in under served areas reminded me of what I had once purposed to do. Without the stories and information you shared about the opportunities and feasibility of applying to medical school, I am convinced I would not be on this path.

I am a nontraditional student in my upper twenties. I completed the International Baccalaureate Program in high school and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship as I matriculated at BCU. I lost focus and failed to maintain the 3.5 GPA per semester required to keep that full scholarship. 

Along with losing my scholarship, I lost my confidence and hope for a future in medicine. My grades continued to suffer. I took time off from school and worked at a local community center. While taking teenage girls from “Girls on Fire” on campus tours around Florida, I resolved to complete my undergraduate education. With the support of my family and the encouragement of BCU faculty, I have renewed confidence in my academic ability.

I want to be an osteopathic physician with a PhD in family or adolescent psychology! Although I know the combination is rare, until today, I believed that my substandard academic record dictated that medical school was impossible. I am very grateful you took the time to educate and convince me, otherwise.

Thank you, again, for your inspiration! I am excited to start the process of researching schools to which I plan to apply and meeting their qualifications. 

I hope to stay in touch with you as I move forward.

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