#T4DFlorida Day #3: Re-evaluating the Forest

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Sometimes as we go through life its very easy to get lost in the forest. I mean think about it, imagine being dropped off at the entrance or in the middle of a ginormous forest full of ginormous redwood tress, and being told you had to get through the forest to get what you wanted. The trees are so big, green and pretty. Not to mention there’s so many of them.  I know I would get lost. In fact, I did get lost. I had no clue which way to or where I started. I even hit a period where I forgot why I was even in the forest. If you feel this is you, no worries, you’re not alone.

When you find yourself in the middle of the forest and unsure of where to go or how to move, take a step back and re-evaluate your plan. When you take that step back, keep your eye on the prize. That step back will allow you to see the forest a little bit more clear.  It will allow you to see your path more clear. You may even decide that the path you were walking was not the path for you. When you are in school and you feel lost or just unsure, there is nothing wrong with taking some time to re-evaluate your plan or make changes in your plan. If you are in this position, be encouraged. Understand that this journey is a marathon, not a race. All of us mentors arrived at the same goal but we all had different paths through the forest. You will get through your forest. You might not know how right now, but don’t worry, your path will be made clear to you. You will make it to your goal, we have no doubts!

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