#T4DFlorida Day #2: Networking Experience

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When T4D comes to campus, we seek to educate, cultivate and inspire.  It’s our hope that each student who participates hears what they need to hear in order to persevere to achieve their goal whether through the lectures or individual interactions with the mentors.

Today was a great day at FAMU!  I had the opportunity to speak with a number of students who I hoped received a beneficial message from me personally.  However, as I reflect on this day what is sticking out to me the most is a couple of students where I served an in-between—listening to their story but then connecting with another mentor or even student who I thought had a story or experience that would benefit them even more. What this underscored for me was the importance of networking and making new connections for students.

T4D can introduce a student to a mentor or advisor who can have an impact on their trajectory, but it can also serve as a great networking opportunity for the students who attend not just with the mentors but the other students.  Students who are working towards similar goals and can support each other through the journey—and will be their future colleagues in the healthcare workforce.  This is a lesson we should all learn—that at T4D or any event, its not just the leaders who can have an impact on our lives but all those in attendance and making use of the networking opportunity can be just as impactful.

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