#T4DFlorida Day #1: The Aftermath

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At the end of a Tour for Diversity in Medicine campus tour, students often approach me to express their appreciation for physician/dentist mentors coming to their school and giving them information to help navigate into medical careers.  The mentors and corporate partners attempt to visit 4-5 schools per tour so immediately following the last presentation they pack up their belongings and move on to the next city.  But here you are, the student, left in the Tour for Diversity aftermath….and that’s a GREAT thing!  So what’s next?

  1. Don’t panic!  Yes, you were overloaded with information, but your day was well spent obtaining it.   Don’t scrutinize or get down on yourself if you feel behind on where you should be. Take a deep breath and get focused…you’ve got this!
  2. Get organized!  Within 7 days after T4D leaves your school, review your material.  Look at the pamphlets and brochures received, as well as personal notes taken.  Reinforce this act by going to the T4D website (tourfordiversity.org) to establish a to-do list, timelines, and an action strategy. Doing this within 7 days will also remind you of the energy and excitement you felt while listening to the T4D presentations at your school. 
  3. Engage! Engage! Engage!  If a T4D mentor gave you their business card, drop them a line to start rapport building.  Now that you have an organized game plan, set up a meeting with your premed advisor and get them involved.  Find a physician/dentist to shadow.

These 3 tips will get you started; it is up to you to execute the plan.

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