#T4DFlorida Day #1: Explore Your Options

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A young lady who was part of my lunch group at Florida A&M asked me, “Will it look bad if I take sometime off before I start medical school?”

As someone who has taken the long route to medical school, like many of us T4D mentors, this question hit close to home. For a long time I struggled accepting that I was not going to be a “traditional” applicant. It’s now that I realize that the time I took off will shape the type of doctor I will become. I faced real struggle, joy, and experiences that made me stronger. In my time off I was able to do biomedical research, work with minority students who have big dreams, and truly figure out that my heart belongs to medicine. What’s important is that you take the time to explore your options so that by the time you apply you can show people that medicine or the health profession of your choice is exactly what you were meant to be doing.
I will never regret the time I took off and if you are in your senior year and a bit behind on making a big decision like medical school do not feel bad about it. That being said always remember the only way you can guarantee that you will not be accepted into a health professions school is by not taking the chance and applying! Apart from that all obstacles are able to be defeated.

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