#T4DFeb2016 Day 1: Day by Day

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Today at Langston University, we were asked “ how do you make it through?”  “How do you do something that seems insurmountable to even start the process, let alone make it through all the steps that were outlined?”  This student was referring to the process of applying to health professional school—the goal is something she wanted but the path seemed so daunting and terrifying that she was unsure of whether to even start it.  Our group had a variety of answers and I wanted to take this blog to expand on mine. 

I explained to her that “day by day” no matter what time is going to pass, but the decision that she had to make was whether she was going to have that time pass with her pursuing her dream no matter how hard it seemed or by doing something else.  The road to a career as a physician is long but it’s worth it.  The ability to care for families and patients is one of the greatest rewards and honors that exists on this planet and thus understandably the road is challenging.  The saying goes that anything worth having is worth working for. 

I know that that process when laid out all at once can seem never-ending and impossible to conquer, but no one part of it will be done at once.  No one part of it will be done alone.  You go step by step and through each step you have your mentors, your network and supporters there to cheer you on.

T4D is here for you too.  As I told this student, T4D exists to inspire students just like her to keep moving forward.  This is the reason that each of us “get on the bus” to make sure we reach out to students to let them that they can keep moving forward, and we need them to keep moving forward.  The entire T4D team believes in you and is behind you.  This is something you can and will do, if you want it.  Just remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint and that the time will pass “day by day”, it’s up to you decide what you’ll do with each day that you are given.

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