Tour for Diversity in Medicine

Graduating High School Seniors

Graduating High School Seniors are at a great decision making point in their careers.  Now is the time to begin to prepare in advance, and T4D can help!

HS seniors are welcome to take part in our High School program that focuses on college readiness, academic skills and public health awareness.  You are also welcome to join our College program to learn more details about the medical and dental school application process and the importance of good communication and study skills.

Workshops include:

  • Applying to Medical and Dental School – What should you be doing as a freshman?  What major should you choose?
  • Test Taking Skills – How can you practice good study skills now?
  • Careers in Medicine and Dentistry – What fields should you be considering?
  • Financial Aid – What options do you have to pay for your education?

After you join us, you will continue to receive additional information including our motivating blog, Voices of Diversity, and future opportunities including webinars, additional mentoring opportunities, and more!

Read our e-Handouts for more information.  Now is the time to be motivated!


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