Tour for Diversity in Medicine

The Timeline

This timeline is a suggested approach for those students are progressing through undergraduate studies into professional school.  It can modified based on your personal schedule and timeline for applying.  The timeline is flexible.

Freshmen Year

  • Build a relationship with pre-health advisor
  • Maintain competitive GPA
  • Become an active member of a pre-health organization
  • Purchase MCAT/DAT overview book

Sophomore Year

  • Continue to build relationship with pre-health advisor
  • Non-classroom based experiences
  • Secure summer internship position
  • Have a leadership role in a pre-health organization
  • Community Service

2nd Summer

  • Clinical and/or Research experience
  • Travel Abroad

Junior Year

  • Start studying seriously for MCAT/DAT
  • Obtain an MSAR/CIB book
  • Have a leadership role in an organization
  • Become involved on the regional or national level

3rd Summer

  • Request Letters of Recommendation
  • Start/complete supplementary apps

Senior Year

  • Save money for interviews
  • Look up financial aid options
  • Graduate and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!!!


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