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Test Taking Techniques

Key Points:

    1. Study skills and test taking skills MATTER
    2. Understand YOU and YOUR style
    3. Practice, practice, practice to best know the test
    4. Know that the MCAT will be changing in 2015 and where to find the info on it
    5. MCAT/ DAT is only the first step; additional tests are expected throughout your career, so learning skills now will help in the future!

Techniques – Suggestions only; not formally endorsed by T4D

Test Taking Tips by University of Houston Clear Lake

Podcast – MCAT Test Taking Strategies by Princeton Review

3 Tips for Successful MCAT Preparation

Assess Your Learning Styles

Study Skills Assessment by Columbia Basic College

Memletics Learning Styles Questionnaire

What’s Your Learning Style?

An Explanation of Learning Styles

Summer Programs and Other Opportunities

AAMC Enrichment Programs Database – Search for MCAT Prep

Additional Links

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) MCAT

Dental Admission Test (DAT) 2012 Program Guide


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