Tour for Diversity in Medicine


T4D focuses on motivating future physicians and dentists in an effort to diversify the healthcare workforce.

Why does Diversity Matter?

The evidence shows:

  • Minority physicians are more likely to treat patients of color, indigent patients, and patients that are sicker.
  • Minority dentists are more likely than their white peers to practice in racial and ethnic minority communities.
  • Increased patient satisfaction.

All levels of students: high school students, undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate students, and recent graduates interested in learning more about the fields of medicine and dentistry are invited to join the Tour for Diversity in Medicine as it circles the nation.  Our initial program for College Students includes hosts day-long conferences on selected campuses with the goal of promoting mentoring and professionalism.  Our High School Program, for younger high school students, provides insights on the college application process and the importance of community medicine and public health.

Students from the host institutions as well as surrounding areas are invited to take part in our unique opportunities.

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