For Our Students


A regular calendar of webinars are available for students who are not able to join our in-person programming. Join us for an interactive discussion on a wide range of topics. Recordings will be available for later review through the links below.

Jan 2018: Put Your Best Foot Forward – Careers in Podiatry

Dec 2017: Advisors…What are they good for? Absolutely Everything!

Nov 2017: Mask Off: Understanding Imposter Syndrome and Stereotype Threat

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STATNews - Special Report, February 7, 2018: Hear our Testimonials

Mentor Stories

Whether 1st Generation in College, having difficulty with your science classes, or searching for your passion, T4D wants to connect with you. Join our programming online or in-person, and learn from our stories.


T4D is committed to finding solutions that address dwindling numbers of Black Men in the field of Medicine as well as other health professions. Our Mentors seek to connect with young men with every program and are actively involved with the recent social media campaign that brings attention to this critical issue. Visit our blog Voices of Diversity for personal stories and insights from a number of #BlackMeninMedicine.


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