My Path: Demetra Gibson, MD

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For our next My Path segment, we highlight Dr. Demetra Gibson. Besides being a mentor on our inaugural Tour, Demetra has also shown off her many talents by serving as the previous editor for our website’s Voice of Diversity section. Dr. Gibson slowed down from her busy schedule as an intern at the University of Chicago to give us a quick moment for our Q&A.


Location: Chicago, IL – South Loop to be exact

Undergraduate: University of Virginia

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University – With an Masters in Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health along the way

Residency: Internal Medicine, University of Chicago Medical Center

Nickname on the Tour: Battery Pack


When did you decide that you wanted to go to medical school?

For as long as I could remember.

How did your family/significant other react to your decision?

They were ecstatic and very supportive considering that we have no doctors in the family.

Did you do any enrichment programs or shadowing during college?

I made 2 trips to Central America (Nicaragua and Panama) to do medical missionary work. I also shadowed a primary care physician at the University Hospital to get more experience dealing with bread and butter medicine vs tropical diseases.

Did you use any MCAT preparation?

Yes. I probably ordered every prep book out there ranging from Kaplan to Princeton Review to Kaplan. My advice would be to pick one and stay with it so you don’t get information overload. My favorite was Exam Krackers.

How did you choose which medical schools to apply to?

A mixture of school reputation from US World and News rankings plus location plus discussing with advisors my competitiveness at various places.

What’s the best advice you can give to people applying to medical school?

Follow your dreams! Don’t let things like scores discourage you. Work hard in college. Stay organized and set yourself a timetable for application.

Describe what it was like to get accepted into medical school?

The first acceptance is the best. You feel like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. You know for sure that you ARE going to be a doctor, even if you don’t know for sure where you will train. From there on its downhill because everything else is just options.

Now that you have graduated, any difference in how you feel now compared to your first day of medical school?

Its unreal walking around in the hospital and being called “Dr. Gibson”. Interestingly enough you learn more in your first 4 weeks of internship than you do in your 4 years of medical school, but of course you need that foundation. Medical school was only 2 months ago but it feels a lot longer. Its so rewarding to know I made it through and to finally be working with patients full time.

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