Interview Wrap Up –

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Interviewing can be one of the most daunting  task during your application process to professional school. As a member of an admissions boards, I conduct interviews weekly.  I can honestly say, the most important thing during an interview is….Be Yourself!

Do not over do it.  Pace yourself, give good eye contact, and most importantly never look at your watch. Obviously, wear professional attire, and never chew gum.
Be prepared to asked questions about the institution. Ask questions from the interviewer that allows him/her to discuss why they choose to work at the school.  Ask them what are their favorite aspects of the school.

Be sure to do your research. Go on the website, and click on additional links. Be familiar with the various departments of the school. Be able to name specific community service projects that the school engages in annually.

Be up to date on current trends in the field you are interested in studying.  If you know the interviewer’s specialty, be sure to read current information about that specialty.

It is helpful to shed light on things that were not discussed in your application.  Students often have additional expereinces that were not discuss in their dossier, and the interview is the perfect time to discuss it.

Once again, relax and be yourself.  It will go fine, remember it is a honor to make it to the interview, make sure you show your gratitude for the opportunity.

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