Director’s Blog: Decisions and Destiny

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The Director’s Blog will be a semi-regular series of posts from the co-Directors of the Tour for Diversity in Medicine, Drs Alden Landry and Kameron Matthews.


“The decisions you make today determine your destiny tomorrow.” For many, this quote serves as a personal mantra, a motivational psalm that puts choices and their hopeful outcomes at the forefront of each action. Though streamline and minimalist, this quote has many intricacies and layers to it. Take these for example:


“The decisions…”

Decision: the act of or need for making up one’s mind.  


“…you make…”

Take ownership of the decisions you make. Don’t let others make decisions for you and don’t make decisions that are misguided.



Each day we have decisions to make. Some are simple, eggs and toast or cereal for breakfast. Others are tougher, change major or stay the course. Each day we make many decisions, many are infinitesimal, still others are monumental.



Determine: to settle or decide. A future tense word that is based on something in the past, in this case, the decisions we have made.


“…your destiny…”

Your future, your mission, your vision, your ability to do the work that you’ve dreamt of doing.



Tomorrow comes quicker than you can imagine. Time flies.


Every day we have the chance to better ourselves, to move towards our end goal, and to inch closer to our destinies. Each morning when you wake up, you will be faced with challenges and obstacles that are set in your path sheerly to hinder you from achieving your goal. But, how you confront those challenges, and how you work to overcome those obstacles determines your future.


Next week, the Tour for Diversity will visit the Pacific Northwest and host conferences in Portland, OR, Pullman, WA and Seattle, WA. In the spirit of the quote that I shared at the beginning of this passage, many students from those cities and surrounding areas have made the decision to attend one of the conferences. Whether consciously aware of it or not, they have made a sound investment in their future — simply by choosing to act on an opportunity rather than allowing one to pass. Much like a star athlete, they have visualized their destiny and are now taking the necessary steps to make their dream a reality.


I’m encouraging you — the reader — to take a moment away from all the distractions, and ask yourself a couple questions: When you are faced with a challenge, will you overcome it? When you are given an opportunity, will you accept it?


By virtue that you are reading this blog and these words, I know the answer to both of those questions is a resounding “Yes.”

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