Decisions: Why I Chose Pediatrics

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I wanted to become a pediatrician because it captured my heart.  I always enjoyed being around children.  They are fun, playful, sincere and very trusting.  When children are sick, however, they can seem like wounded angels.  Unfortunately, most children are not able to help themselves, especially when they are sick, so I decided that I wanted to help them through medicine.  I would spend hours studying different diseases that would affect this population in medical school.  I developed an overwhelming thirst for knowledge when we encountered topics that had a pediatric component. It was amazing to learn how children did not respond to illnesses and medical treatment the same way that an adult may respond.  I knew that children needed someone who would understand them and their special medical needs.

My intense desire to help children grew when I entered my clinical years in medical school.  I would become so excited when I walk into a pediatric patient’s room.  I was finally able to work with children in a long term medical setting, and their innocent faces would brighten up my day.  Each day I was grateful to have the opportunity to help another sick child.  It did not matter if the child was upset or crying, because I knew that they were just nervous and scared.  It only mattered that I was trying to help them, and to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

After becoming a pediatrician, I chose to work with children in a medically underserved community.  The majority of my patients’ families is immigrants from Latin America or East Africa, and typically cannot afford to pay for health care.  It is rewarding to work with these families because I get to help children who would otherwise not receive quality healthcare simple because their families could not afford the cost.  I believe that healthcare is a right and not a privilege, so to help these children who are typically more at risk for chronic illnesses such as asthma and obesity goes along with my mission to provide quality care.    As a pediatrician, I have the opportunity to work with children, which is an awesome gift from God, my calling and my ministry.

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