Day 5: Mentor Perspective – The Mentor in You

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Multiple students during the tour have asked me how they can get involved with T4D with the aim of mentoring students just like them. There isn’t a special switch that turns on once getting involved with T4D. The skills of mentoring are in all of us, however, it needs attention that can be developed throughout our career. Why wait till the T4D bus rides into your town?

You can start right now! College students can mentor high school students; medical students can mentor college students. The panel of mentors didn’t wait until the tour to flip the switch, we’ve been doing this in our private lives for some time now. Once we all become physicians, our skills of mentoring should be honed where we can mentor students from multiple educational levels.

Mentoring is a two way street. It requires mutual time and effort on the part of the student and mentor. This relationship allows both parties to form a strong professional relationship with each other to help promote the student’s professional development. Basically, its equally important to become a good mentee as it is to be a good mentor.

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