Day 4: Mentor Perspective – You have a Story!

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“I don’t have anything unique to say about myself” shared a brave student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Campus while speaking regarding her concerns about the medical school personal statement. The personal statement required by any educational institution, whether at the college level or the health professional level, may seem like a daunting task to even start. For many of the mentors, writing a personal statement meant that we invested weeks to months thinking about what we wanted to say, writing our story clearly, having people review it and repeating these three steps multiple times. You have the opportunity, in a very limited amount of space, to present how your strengths and background have equipped you with the experiences and tools to deliver the science of medicine and art of taking care of patients during their most vulnerable moments in your personal statement.

During the lunch time conversation with the student from TAMCC, we talked about who she was and we discovered that she has a power and compelling story around the hardship she has faced which fuels her passion for medicine—a unique story!   Throughout the day students and mentors at Corpus Christi shared their passion for medicine including wanting to care for people who need care the most while applying their love for science.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “well, that was the student at TAMCC. I still don’t know where to start.” We want to reassure you that, like the student mentioned here, you have a story to tell!  Consider the following questions when writing your personal statement: Why do I want to invest so many years going to school? What is my passion? What experience have I had that show passion and dedication to my goal of becoming a healthcare provider? Next, draft your statement and have as many people including friends, teachers, and advisors review it for you. Writing a personal statement is a process that involves many changes and revisions. It will not be perfect the first time so have patience for the process and share your story!

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