Day 3: Choosing a Major

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Choosing a major….. One of the hardest things for an undergraduate student to contemplate, and a regular question that we’ve heard this Tour.  Especially when this student wants to attend a health professional program.  There are many misconceived notions that one “has to major in science”.

As a member of an admissions committee, I can say that we do not always pick the Biology major.  Other majors include- Finance, English, Criminal Justice, Spanish, and yes…even film.  The most important thing to consider when applying to medical, dental, or any other health profession is to KNOW the requirements.  Every health professional program requires sciences classes, not a Science major.  Though many students figure that they should major in a science field, others students have worked science courses into very unique majors.

So before your decide to major in Chemistry, think about what classes really interest you, then try to incorporated those courses with your required classes for entry into the health profession.  It aids into creating a well rounded education, hence a well rounded applicant.

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