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  • Stay, Go Away, or Accelerate: A Reflection on Choosing the Best Path to Medicine

    Stay, Go Away, or Accelerate: A Reflection on Choosing the Best Path to Medicine By Ciera Sears, MD The first thing that people say to me when I tell them that I’m a doctor is “Wow, you’re so young!” The remark is usually tethered to a facial expression conveying overall surprise, approval, or confusion as to […]

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  • How I Tackled the NEW MCAT [PART TWO]

    How I Tackled the NEW MCAT By Sean Treacy-Abarca PART 2: Khan Academy — the Secret Weapon?     AMCAS has released a number of resources for students to use in preparation for the MCAT going forward and I would like to touch on two main resources I used in my preparation. The first is […]

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  • How I Tackled the NEW MCAT by T4D Intern Sean Treacy-Abarca

    How I Tackled the NEW MCAT By Sean Treacy-Abarca     PART 1: A Familiar Foe, with NEW Tricks   The MCAT is another obstacle on the road to medical school. Since 1990, the MCAT was designed to have three sections (Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Verbal Reasoning) totaling a possible high score of 45. Starting April 2015 a NEW version of […]

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  • The Wrap-up: Webinar

    To continue the discussion from our WEBINAR on relationships: Finding a special bond with a significant other is one of the treasures life offers us. But like anything worth having, a relationship takes time, energy, and dedication. I know what you’re thinking – “He just named EVERY bit of currency I use to study for […]

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  • Mentoring and Motivating Future Physicians and Dentists Online

    FOR RELEASE – April 10, 2015 Contact: Norma Campos, Tour for Diversity in Medicine (T4D) announces its upcoming Webinar Series as a supplement to its successful on-campus prehealth professional development workshops. The 1-hour webinars will feature our volunteer Mentors including physicians, dentists, medical students and prehealth advisor from around the country on a variety […]

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  • #T4DFlorida Wrap-up: Stumbling into Opportunities

    Once my inevitable blog post comes around during the Tour, I often reflect on themes that arise from students during the sessions. This time, I wanted to discuss opportunities. Students often wonder how to get involved in organizations or shadowing or leadership or et al. Many times the involvement is more related to knowledge of […]

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  • #T4DFlorida Day #4: How Many Hours of Shadowing Do I Need to Have?

    In short there is no minimum or goal number of shadowing that one needs to be competitive for med school.  Being consistent with your shadowing experiences is the most important part in the application process. Some students have 300+ hrs. of shadowing while others have much less than that. Every student has different circumstances and […]

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  • #T4DFlorida Day #3: Re-evaluating the Forest

    Sometimes as we go through life its very easy to get lost in the forest. I mean think about it, imagine being dropped off at the entrance or in the middle of a ginormous forest full of ginormous redwood tress, and being told you had to get through the forest to get what you wanted. […]

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  • #T4DFlorida Day #1: Explore Your Options

    A young lady who was part of my lunch group at Florida A&M asked me, “Will it look bad if I take sometime off before I start medical school?” As someone who has taken the long route to medical school, like many of us T4D mentors, this question hit close to home. For a long […]

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