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Tour for Diversity in Medicine

Voices of Diversity

  • #T4DFeb2016 Day 1: Being a Minority

    This blog is in reference to a question asked to the physician panel dealing with the challenges of being a minority physician.  Challenges come from all sources.  At home, pursing a medical degree has challenged the notion that only manual labor is “hard work”.  My parents would often say, “you are not even breaking a […]

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  • #T4DFeb2016 Day 3: Raise Your Hand If You Think You Don’t Belong Here

    There are so many times on the tour when the mentors share their thoughts and feelings about belonging. Sometimes it starts with a question from a student while other times it’s a self-revealing moment when sharing other stories during a presentation. For me, it was the latter. My reflection on this topic came during a […]

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  • #T4DFeb2016 Day 2: That Moment When…

    “Dr. Henry, you said you were such a bad student, what made you turn things around?” This is a question that was asked to me during our stop at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. It’s a question that is asked of me often and I understand why. Shoot, there are times when I […]

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  • #T4DFeb2016 Day 2: Representing Pharmacy | by Andrea Prince

    Today University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff was the second stop for our February 2016 Tour. My favorite part of the tour is introducing the field of pharmacy to all the students. I’ve come to realize during these past two stops that many students aren’t fully aware of what pharmacy is, what pharmacists do, and […]

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  • #T4DFeb2016 Day 1: Seek out #SNMA

    Amazing young minds with infinite potential was the story of our first day on this Tour 4 Diversity. Langston University, outside of Oklahoma City, arrived in a large group via a bus ready to hear our stories and most importantly ready to engage. They were an amazing group of students with clear goals, but throughout […]

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  • #T4DFeb2016 Day 1: Day by Day

    Today at Langston University, we were asked “ how do you make it through?”  “How do you do something that seems insurmountable to even start the process, let alone make it through all the steps that were outlined?”  This student was referring to the process of applying to health professional school—the goal is something she […]

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  • Conquer the Interview | by Italo M. Brown

    One of the most significant things about my journey to med school is that I did A TON of prep work for interviews. Unfortunately, I was never afforded the opportunity to show my stuff (yes — that’s correct, I’m a medical doctor who somehow got into medical school without ever having a formal medical school […]

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  • T4D Tour Recap | Dr. Minerva Romero Arenas

    T4DPacNW: High School Report Connecting with the Seattle Youth   We prepared for weeks. Practiced presentations. Rephrased our powerpoint slides. Too wordy. Not enough pictures. A dozen mentors arrived at the University of Washington Seattle campus for another Tour for Diversity in Medicine program. I had flown across the country to spend my “golden weekend” […]

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  • A Day in the Life | Dr. Brandon Henry, Pediatrician

    A Day in the Life | Dr. Brandon Henry – 3rd Year Pediatric Resident The alarm goes off at about 5 or 5:30am. The thing is, I tend to hit the snooze button about 2-3 times. Life as a Senior Resident is much different than when I was an intern. As an intern, my alarm […]

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  • Director’s Reflection: Perseverance and Momentum by Alden Landry

    The Tour for Diversity in Medicine was well represented at Learn Serve Lead 2015: The AAMC Annual Meeting.  In a conference room chocked full of bright, motivated Pre-Health students, Doctor Brandon Henry and I delivered a joint-presentation. True to form, we shared personal stories of struggle, sacrifice, and ultimately success in our journey to becoming health care providers with […]

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