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Tour for Diversity in Medicine

Voices of Diversity

  • Conquer the Interview | by Italo M. Brown

    One of the most significant things about my journey to med school is that I did A TON of prep work for interviews. Unfortunately, I was never afforded the opportunity to show my stuff (yes — that’s correct, I’m a medical doctor who somehow got into medical school without ever having a formal medical school […]

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  • T4D Tour Recap | Dr. Minerva Romero Arenas

    T4DPacNW: High School Report Connecting with the Seattle Youth   We prepared for weeks. Practiced presentations. Rephrased our powerpoint slides. Too wordy. Not enough pictures. A dozen mentors arrived at the University of Washington Seattle campus for another Tour for Diversity in Medicine program. I had flown across the country to spend my “golden weekend” […]

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  • A Day in the Life | Dr. Brandon Henry, Pediatrician

    A Day in the Life | Dr. Brandon Henry – 3rd Year Pediatric Resident The alarm goes off at about 5 or 5:30am. The thing is, I tend to hit the snooze button about 2-3 times. Life as a Senior Resident is much different than when I was an intern. As an intern, my alarm […]

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  • Director’s Reflection: Perseverance and Momentum by Alden Landry

    The Tour for Diversity in Medicine was well represented at Learn Serve Lead 2015: The AAMC Annual Meeting.  In a conference room chocked full of bright, motivated Pre-Health students, Doctor Brandon Henry and I delivered a joint-presentation. True to form, we shared personal stories of struggle, sacrifice, and ultimately success in our journey to becoming health care providers with […]

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  • The Pulse of Social Injustice

    At T4D, we take time to engage one another on current events. This blog is the result of an internal conversation on the heightened awareness surrounding social justice issues on college campuses. We wanted to share a few of the perspectives with our readership — to provoke thought and hopefully generate/continue the dialogue. Enjoy! —————— With racial tensions seemingly at boiling […]

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  • Director’s Reflection: All Paths Lead to Medicine by Kameron L. Matthews

    Everyone questions their future – what they want to do, who they want to be, how they want to impact their community. It’s natural to question your ability to achieve a dream, or whether it’s even possible in the first place. Many pre-meds waver — in organic chemistry or physics, while they are studying for the […]

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  • The Interview Chronicles: Part 1 | By Sean Treacy-Abarca

    I remember reading and re-reading my AMCAS application repeatedly, to the point where I could practically recite my essays word for word. I revisited the day I clicked the submit button, officially tossing my name in o the pool of applicants like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Finally, I was another step closer to fulfilling my dream of entering medicine. A […]

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  • #T4DPacNW Day 3: Balancing the Best I Know How

    While I was packing for the upcoming T4D trip, my soon to be four-year-old asked me where I was going.  As I explained to her that I would be going on tour for a couple of days my daughter promptly informed me she too would be coming with me.  This didn’t surprise me.  She asks/threatens to […]

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  • #T4DPacNW Day 3: Owning Your Story

    Students often find that writing the personal statement is one of the most challenging tasks of completing health professional school applications, aside from standardized tests and prerequisite classes of course! The issue is that students often find it challenging to speak about themselves without relaying a full recount of their resume or seeming boastful. To […]

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  • #T4DPacNW Day 2: You are the Driver and You Make the Decisions

    One of the questions that keeps coming up during the tour is how to pursue the career you love and maintain relationships with the people you love, specifically your parents. When you decide to drive down the path to professional school, usually your parents are right there in the car with you, cheering you on, […]

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