Tour for Diversity in Medicine


In partnership with the National Association for the Advisors of the Health Professions (NAAHP), Tour for Diversity in Medicine invites all premedical advisors from host and surrounding institutions to take part in programming focused particularly on assisting and motivating.  The single-day Educational Stops provide a great deal of information, but in no way supplant the education and counseling that focused and meaningful on-campus counseling is able to provide.  Our mentors provide each student a brief glimpse into their future – their advisors keep them on that path to achievement.

In recognition of this relationship, the NAAHP and T4D seek out advisors with similar interests and goals, and will be offering additional benefits for working with both organizations in the future.  T4D pledges to continue to motivate and educate our new “mentees” after leaving each campus – and we hope that each advisor utilizes the resources of the Tour for Diversity in Medicine and the NAAHP to do the same.

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