Tour for Diversity in Medicine

Support the Tour

  1. Sponsor a Webinar

    A $100 donation will support one webinar through which T4D mentors can reach hundreds of students enriching their lives with education and motivational stories.

  2. Sponsor a T4D Mentor's Travel

    A $500 donation will support a mentor's travel to the Tour. Your generous donation will make sure that the physicians, dentists, advisors and students on the Tour can get out and reach the next generation of diverse health care providers.

  3. Sponsor a T4D Mentor's Lodging

    Everyone needs rest, even T4D mentors. Help support the Tour by covering the cost of lodging for 2 mentors over the course of a Tour.

  4. Lunch for students at an educational stop: $1,500

    Your generous donation can make sure that the students participating at an educational stop receive a nutritious meal as the T4D mentors chat with students in small group settings.

  5. Bus Wrapping: $5,500

    Never underestimate the power of advertising. Whether its traveling down the highway or parked on campus, the T4D bus is a moving billboard. Additionally, if you do sponsor our wrapping, your logo or name will appear on the wrapping design.

  6. Bus Reservation: $7,000

    The T4D is a bus Tour, but not your typical bus Tour. The bus brings our T4D mentors many miles to meet and motivate students. Help make sure we get there safe and comfortable by sponsoring our bus.

  7. High School Program: $8,500

    Our T4D high school program reaches further down the pipeline to encourage students to consider careers in the health professions. These bright young minds benefit from dynamic sessions and interactive programs all led by the T4D Mentors.

  8. Other Amount

    Whether you can contribute a lot or a little, any amount donated to the Tour will help us to educate, cultivate and inspire the next generation of diverse health care providers.

  1. Corporate Mentor $500

    Interested in supporting the Tour and want to be an honorary mentor? A $500 donation gets you an honorary seat on the bus.

  2. Academic Partner $5,000

    We recognize the importance of partnering with bodies within academia. Our Academic Partners believe in our mission of diversifying the healthcare workforce and support us both financially and throughout our curriculum development.

  3. Corporate Partner $10,000

    A corporate partnership means your organization is committed to the mission and vision of the T4D. Your sponsorship to the T4D will be recognized on the bus wrapping, our website and a table at each stop along the Tour.

  4. Corporate Sponsor $20,000

    A corporate sponsorships means your organization wants to make sure the T4D is able to create dynamic programs that will change the lives of the students we reach. IN addition to recognition on the bus wrapping, website and table at each stop, corporate sponsors will also be recognized in our press release and their logo will appear on the videos and webinars.

    Please contact us directly for donations of $20,000 or greater:


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