A Personal Story – Mentorship is Important

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Mentoring has always been an important part of my journey to becoming a physician.   Throughout my career, I have depended on sage advice of folks who went before in this process.  My mentors have ranged from people who were only a year ahead of me in school to physicians out in practice for over 50 years.  No matter where these mentors were in their careers, they each served a valuable role in shaping my career.

One memorable mentor was my family physician, Dr. Robert Orr.  During my visits with Dr. Orr, he would always ask about my progress through college and my future career plans.   One day during my routine physical, I informed Dr. Orr that I was interested in the becoming physician.  At the time, I was enrolled in pharmacy school but decided that I wanted to apply to medical school.   Dr. Orr encouraged me to apply to medical school, and gave me valuable advice on to determine which medical school would be right for me.  He was the first physician to teach me how to critically evaluate a medical school, and how to market myself as a valuable asset to their program.

Dr. Orr is just one of many mentors that have influenced my career as a physician.  Even though I have completed my medical training, I still have mentors that help me navigate my career choices.  Remember, no matter where you are in your journey into medicine, it is never too early to consult a mentor!

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