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  • A Personal Story: Love What You Do and Do What You Love

    I am a dentist, and I LOVE what I do! I’m not in love with my career in an idealistic, romantic kind of way … I am in love with my career because it provides me with the opportunity to grow and learn throughout my life, the opportunity to serve others in a meaningful way, […]

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  • A Personal Story: Know Your Crew

    As a Howard University College of Medicine student I regularly attend the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel.  Recently Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III gave a sermon on “keeping your ship afloat” with one of the most important tenants being: “know your crew.” As a graduate student this tip was by far the most important and the […]

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  • A Personal Story: An Obstacle is not a Roadblock

    I cannot remember a time when I did not want to be a Doctor. When I started college I approached my classes with fervor, and tried to make myself the best student I could be. I joined the premedical associations on campus, and quickly learned that medical schools were looking for students with well rounded […]

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  • A Personal Story: First Know Who You are and Then Adorn Accordingly

    Those of you who joined us for the inaugural tour, heard repeatedly “know you are”, “make sure can tell your story”, “have the medical school believe in you.”  Some of you might have asked yourself, “um what does that mean?”  So for you and our new followers, I wanted to share my story. The title […]

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  • A Personal Story: Don’t Let One Failure Stop You from Achieving Your Dream

    As I looked at the screen I thought my life was over, and that I was a failure, because I had basically failed the one test that determined if I would get accepted into medical school.  I cried alone for a little while, and then I started to call my support network in order to […]

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